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Digital Patient Engagement Automation for Better Patient Experience

Ensuring positive patient experiences is a vital aspect in attracting and retaining patients in the increasingly competitive healthcare industry. The Accenture 2019 Digital Health Consumer Survey reveals that 68% of consumers opt for medical organizations that let them book, change, and cancel appointments online. Adopting innovative technologies and automated systems in healthcare are essential in improving patient journeys and driving both patient volume and retention

Quality healthcare access can be a challenge for many patients, with 43% citing wait time as a primary source of frustration in a medical visit. Using automated technologies empowers medical providers to eliminate manual and repetitive tasks to deliver positive patient experiences. Learn more about innovative healthcare automation solutions that drive better patient experiences.

Automated Patient Engagement

Connecting with new and existing patients can be time-consuming and challenging for medical organizations with limited staff and resources.

Taking advantage of automated patient engagement technologies empowers medical professionals to simplify the communication process. Studies show that 57% expect doctors to send them email and text automated reminders to schedule and attend appointments. Automated patient communication tools like patient check-ins allow medical professionals to schedule reminders to notify patients who need a preventive screening or due for a follow-up. 

This way, they can ensure continuous patient engagement with existing patients while simultaneously attending to new patients. Hospitals can also use automated patient communication tools to survey patients about their experiences. Engaging patients after-care also increases the likelihood of them recommending your services to their friends and family members.

Automated Patient Check-in

 Patients now more than ever seek empowerment and convenience in managing their care. The ability to digitally complete check-in tasks from scheduling to updating demographics and insurance eligibility, to bill payment and cost estimates – has become a key differentiator in attracting and maintaining patient volume in the new normal.

Patient Engagement Platforms like Vecna Healthcare provide patients the convenience of managing their care appointments from the convenience of any device, and from any location through a virtual waiting room solution. 

Digital Form Automation

Completing forms is a repetitive, time-consuming task 

One way to resolve this issue is to use digitized form automation to gather data and control the quality of data you’re collecting, speeding up the data gathering process. 

Patient Intake and Engagement solutions integrate with electronic health record (EHR) platforms allowing you to provide patients access to their updated medical statuses. You can check a compilation of different EHR software platforms that integrate with form automation solutions to improve process efficiency and transparency.

Revenue Cycle Management Automation

Using technology to improve revenue cycle management is critical in achieving better patient experiences and a positive bottom line. As the pandemic transforms the world, more consumers are now expecting healthcare providers to let them pay their medical bills online and access clinical data through patient portals.

Studies show that 59% of Generation Y patients would switch doctors immediately should they find someone that provides better online access. Keeping patients involved in their clinical care’s financial aspect, including registration, scheduling, and other revenue cycle processes, is key to reducing friction and frustration. 

Revenue cycle processes like claims management, prior authorization, and registration are repetitive, time-consuming, and prone to human errors. Implementing integrated automated strategies streamlines the revenue cycle and allows you to concentrate more on developing practical and patient-facing activities, resulting in increased patient satisfaction. 


The future of automation in healthcare will continuously grow as the demand for better and cost-effective patient care increases. Therefore, medical professionals should learn how to adapt and draw a practical roadmap for successful automation to remain competitive. One way of doing so is by investing in digital self-check-in solutions like the Vecna Patient Intake Platform. 

Vecna Healthcare is one of the leading healthcare automation companies that provide potent solutions like patient check-ins and form automation. Interested users may inquire about their services by checking white papers and webinars on their website or contact them directly.

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