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Vecna Clinical Surveillance Platform

Vecna’s automated intelligent reporting platform streamlines the complexities of NHSN reporting – including custom COVID-19 reporting and alerts.

Vecna Clinical Surveillance Platform

Vecna’s automated intelligent reporting platform streamlines the complexities of NHSN reporting – including custom COVID-19 reporting and alerts.

Infection Control Customers Are Seeing Impressive Results


less time spent on reporting


infection rate decrease


of infections are preventable


reduction of surgery-related infections

Observe, Report, and Share Data on the Go

Actionable Infection Control Insights

infection control app
  • Collect and Analyze Clinical Data in Real-Time

  • Customized Reports, Dashboards, and Alerts

  • Public Health Reporting & NHSN Data Validation

  • Hospital Associated Infections Surveillance

Infection Control Designed Around Your Unique Requirements

60% Reduction

Technology eliminates NHSN data submission errors lowering staff review requirements.

Personalized Views

Our platform allows all users to easily create and maintain specific views to rapidly access vital data.

Public Health Reporting

Make the job easier for your staff. Vecna generates the metrics required for monthly NHSN submission eliminating manual errors.

Pharmacy Solutions

Anticipate and prevent drug-bug mismatches, restricted drug use, drug-drug interactions, duplicate therapy, and adverse drug events.

Custom Reports and Alerts

Our flexible platform empowers users to build detailed and summary data reports. Data reporting monitors trends over time and provides active alerting.

Unmatched Data Integration

We are a data-integration company which enables us to rapidly and smoothly deliver our platform.

Hand Hygiene and PPE

Observation App

Reduce HAIs and Preventable Deaths

  • Automatically collect data across multiple observers
  • Quickly identify problem areas requiring mitigation
  • Eliminate time-consuming manual data collection
  • Customized dashboards and reports to provide actionable insights
  • Analyze data by room location, professional role, date, and more
  • Versatile configuration – Monitor Hand Hygiene, PPE, Environment of Care
  • Optional integration into Vecna Clinical Surveillance Platform
  • User-friendly app interface
  • Available In Apple App Store or Google Play App Store
hand hygiene monitoring app

Vecna’s Infection Control Platform

Vecna’s Infection Control Platform delivers actionable infection control information when it’s needed and where it’s needed. The platform employs a comprehensive series of validated clinical data processing modules empowering our users to advance the safety and health of their healthcare organization. The user-friendly application also includes dynamic reporting tools, pharmacy capabilities, and antimicrobial stewardship features so that you can address every aspect of your organization’s infection surveillance and prevention efforts with one comprehensive solution.

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“As soon as we had requested a report for tracking COVID-19, Vecna worked on this report and it is working great for my purposes!”

Kim Ellie

Infection Control Specialist, ProHealth Care

“I was able to adapt, with minimal assistance needs from Vecna, an advanced report to meet all our needs for COVID-19 test reporting.  This report has satisfied State and Local DPH reporting requirements and made it very easy to track the data and create useful reports for our customers.”

Dr. Michael Parry

Chair of Infectious Diseases, Stamford Health

“When I asked for COVID test and Respiratory Pathogen panels to be built that have coincided with this Pandemic, I received immediate response from Vecna. Builds and results filing occurred in a day if not hours. Vecna also reached out to ensure we were satisfied, and everything was working as expected. Thank you.”

Kim Kelleher

LIS Senior Systems Analyst, Temple Health

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