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VGo Telepresence Robot for Long Term Care

VGo Telepresence Robot modernizes virtual care visits and increases social interaction with real-time virtual presence.

VGo Increases Interaction, Well Being and Mobility for Long Term Care Residents

  •           Friends and family join in onsite activities along with resident

  • Family members participate in clinical consultations in real-time
  • Zero contact virtual interaction from any location

User Friendly VGo Lets You Be There Without Being There

Increase Social Connections with Family and Friends 

  • Virtual guests can join residents on their daily walk or to destinations within the facility; share a meal; or participate in onsite activities such as games and crafts
  • Increased interaction and virtual companionship improves residents mood and well being
  • Real-time interaction allows residents to participate with VGo users in activities to reduce loneliness including reading, singing and other entertainment

VGo Empowers Family to be Active Care Participants

  • Family can be present for care consultations regardless of location
  • VGo increases social interaction and communication with patient family and friends, leading to shorter stays and happier patients
  • Family and friends can join patient to participate in onsite activities

VGo Staff Augmentation Increases Productivity

  • Instantly be anywhere within a facility at the click of a button
  • Safety precautions such as alerting staff if resident falls and reminding patients to take medications
  • Interact with patients, clinicians, or others instead of physically needing to move locations
  • Staff can work from anywhere – a socially distanced location within the care facility or from their home office

Hear from VGo Users

"For a patient with enhanced respiratory isolation, VGo went in by herself and conducted a full interview and exam. PPE was saved and exposure reduced to zero."

How It Works

VGoʼs unique capability is its remote-controlled mobility combined with two-way video and audio communications.

The solution comprises two primary elements:

  • The VGo – The remote-controlled mobile device that represents the user in a distant location.
  • The VGo App – The software application runs on the users computer, tablet or phone and is used to initiate connectivity, see and hear what is happening at the other end, and drive the VGo.

VGo Telepresence Robot Product Details

Self-contained wireless audio-video appliance

Simple point and click user interface

Remote user-controlled mobility, volume, mute, camera lights, and hi-resolution snapshots

Auto docking for battery recharging

Strict privacy and connectivity controls

Comprehensive Web tools for managing your VGos and users

Multiple driving methods – choose the one you like most

Spoken visitor arrival announcements and text messaging

Sensors to assist driving, avoid obstacles and prevent falling down steps

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