Patient Intake Software for

Urgent Care


We understand the unique needs of urgent care.

With diverse appointment types and unpredictable walk-in volume – a highly configurable patient check in platform is critical.

  • Flexible intake process for registered or walk-in patients
  • Schedule appointments and check wait times through online portal
  • Patient workflow tool streamlines high patient volumes

Build Your Solution


Build your software solution from a wide range of modules.


Connect with legacy systems via secure bidirectional interfaces.


Get the right hardware for your facility and workflow.



Biometric Scanning

Fight fraud and protect patients with palm vein scanning technology.

Single Sign-on

Already using a patient portal? No problem! Our SSO and EID options will give patients one single interface for interacting with your organization.

Barcode Scanning

Patients can check in to their clinic quickly with a barcode and two-factor authentication

Patient Profile


Reduce returned mail and get information to your patients when they need it.

Meaningful Use

Reduce barriers to collecting data required for meaningful use by letting patients fill in their own demographics information

Contact Information

Let patients update their contact information for more efficient call centers.

Language Preference

Let patients select their language preferences online and onsite

Email Address

Improve brand loyalty: make sure your promotional emails get to the right inbox.

Eligibility & Estimates

Insurance Capture

Validate insurances on file or add new primary and secondary insurances.

Benefits Validation

Validate patient co-pay, benefit and deductible information

View Estimates

Provide patients transparency to their copays and deductibles ahead of service

Surveys & Forms

Smart Surveys

Ask patients the right questions every time according to your business rules

Appointment-based Surveys

Check all the boxes; get the right information from patients based on their appointment type

Digital Forms Compliance

Package and send patient responses securely to the appropriate information system


Payment Profile

Give patients the ecommerce experience by letting them save payment methods, including bank routing numbers, and credit, debit or HSA cards

Financial Reporting

Get a daily report on how many patients provided payments

Account-based Billpay

No logins needed! Give patients the ability to pay online by entering their account number

Voids & Refunds

Give staff the ability to void payments and issue refunds at the point of service

Outstanding Balances

Provide patients an itemized bill and collect on outstanding balances

Chip and Pin

Stay current with the right hardware: our kiosks include chip and pin capabilities for processing collections onsite

Waiting Room Management

Express Check-in

Offer express check-in for patients who registered online


Digital queuing gives patients insight into their estimated waittimes

Summon patients

Discretely call patients to appointments with digital visual & audio cues

Text Updates

Communicate delays or wait times via text message

Concierge Queue

Greet patients at the door, check them in, and guide them through outstanding tasks


Provide patients and visitors digital and printed directions to clinics

Administrative Tools

Direct Traffic

Provide direction to patients to their appointments on time

System Connectivity

Give staff one tool that connects to all systems of record for ease of use and efficiency

Alerts & Flags

Prioritize patient services based on business rules

Data Warehouse

Enterprise dashboard, multifacility reporting, and benchmarking reveal your organization’s process improvements

Work Queues

Allow staff to verify information before patient-entered data is pushed to systems of records

On Demand Reporting

Get up to the minute reports on clinic throughput, waittimes, and patient activity


Imagine: One system to manage it all.

Our goal is to make it easy for your staff to focus on patients rather than toggling around computer systems. Our team specializes in integrating with all best-of-breed and home-grown health information systems so your staff can get all the information they need in one place, made possible by Vecna’s Intelligent Data Exchange Agent (IDEA™).

We connect with:

  • Scheduling
  • Billing systems
  • Eligibility and Estimation
  • EMR Solutions
  • Legacy systems
  • Document Management
  • 3rd party vendors and patient portals
  • Admission, Discharge, and Transfer (ADT) systems



Hardware Packages for Easy Install

Hardware should just work. That’s why we select best of breed components built specifically for use in healthcare settings and create turnkey packages for our customers. We have a high standard for hardware, and we measure our partners by their support, maintainability, and reliability of their products. Choose from our hardware packages for express check-in, digital clipboard, and patient flow management.

Automation Station

Use kiosks in registration areas to speed up patient check-in. Each kiosk model is equipped with chip-and-pin payment processing, palm-vein scanning, printing, image capture, and barcode scanning devices.

Free-standing Kiosk



Wall-Mount Kiosk

Tabletop Kiosk


Use tablets for our browser-based express check-in, surveys, and digital forms. Tablets are equipped with remote shut down capabilities and security protocols to ensure proper use.


Choose any manufacturer, any operating system.

(Samsung device shown)


Secure Enclosures and Cases



Patient Flow Management & Queuing Monitors

Use monitors to promote clear communication with patients in waiting areas. Monitors may be connected or WiFi-enabled. Sound bars optional.

Digital Signage

Patient Intake Platform

  • Online Pre-Registration
  • Patient Check-In
  • Insurance Eligibility
  • Bill Pay & Estimates
  • Forms & Questionnaires
  • Patient Flow Management
  • Virtual Waiting Room
  • Room Management
  • Wayfinding
  • Administrative Staff Tool

  • Touchless Mobile App
  • Kiosk Express Check-in
  • Tablet eRegistration
  • Patient Queuing Display

Clinical Surveillance Platform

  • Infection Prevention
  • Antimicrobial Stewardship 
  • Hand Hygiene
  • Long Term Care

Robotic Telepresence

  • VGo for Healthcare
  • VGo for Business
  • VGo for Education


  • Guest Pre-Registration
  • Guest Check-in
  • Payment
  • Mobile Key Entry
  • Amenity Requests
  • Room Assignments
  • Campaign Management