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VGo Robot for Patient Intake

Welcome patients and provide live assistance with appointment registration tasks from any location.

Personalized Virtual Patient Intake with VGo

  • Registration staff drive VGo to greet patients for a personal touch
  • Patients communicate with front desk staff as if they were face to face
  • Remote controlled VGo can escort patients to their care appointments

VGo Telepresence Robot for Virtual Registration

VGo Helps Address Staffing Shortages

  • Registration staff can monitor multiple locations within a facility by driving the 100% remote controlled VGo throughout the building
  • Address staffing shortages by leveraging staff resources across multiple facilities

Reduce Contact Between Patients and Staff with VGo​

  • VGo empowers staff to safely welcome patients personally and provide live assistance with appointment registration tasks – with no contact
  • Staff and patients complete patient intake activities such as registration, bill pay, checking insurance eligibility, receiving estimates and scheduling future appointments – all through VGo

Registration Staff Can Work from Anywhere

  • Registration staff can work from anywhere – a socially distanced location within the care facility or even from their remote home office
  • VGo users can see hear, talk, and move their VGo anywhere using their 100% remote-controlled VGo while interacting with patients or team members onsite

Hear from VGo Users

“Utilizing VGo Robots provides alternative registration options during challenging times for Patient Access. VGo allows the flexibility of remote registration while continuing to provide excellent customer service with a personal touch.”

VGo Telepresence Robot Product Details

Self-contained wireless audio-video appliance

Simple point and click user interface

Remote user-controlled mobility, volume, mute, camera lights, and hi-resolution snapshots

Auto docking for battery recharging

Strict privacy and connectivity controls

Comprehensive Web tools for managing your VGos and users

Multiple driving methods – choose the one you like most

Spoken visitor arrival announcements and text messaging

Sensors to assist driving, avoid obstacles and prevent falling down steps

How VGo Works


VGo runs over the internet with the help of VGoNet, a unique cloud computing network designed to handle the complexities of a solution that requires real time AV communications and simultaneous robotic remote controls.

Driving VGo

Users simply use their mouse pointer and VGo moves in that direction. Drag it more and the VGo moves faster. You can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard. Tilt the camera using the scroll wheel on the mouse or use your keyboard.

Audio and Video

Mute audio or audio and video, control the volume of your voice coming out of VGo or have the VGo speak for you with text to speak capabilities. Take high resolution photos and zoom video up to 5x.

Safety Sensors

The software application runs on the user’s computer and is used to initiate connectivity, see and hear what is happening at the other location and to drive the VGo. Sensors assist with driving, avoiding obstacles and preventing falling down steps.

Test Drive a VGo

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