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VGo Telepresence Robot for Education

VGo empowers hospitalized or homebound students to remotely attend school using their VGo as their physical presence.

VGo Goes Where Students Can’t

  • VGo helps students access a traditional school environment
  • Students actively participate in their school day with 100% remote controlled VGo
  • Economical alternative to assistive tools, aids and specialized busing

Educators Choose VGo

Students are in the Driver's Seat

  • Students can independently see, hear, talk and go anywhere
  • VGo is deployed in hundreds of school districts for students who cannot physically go to school due to an illness, accident, or medical condition.
  • User friendly VGo provides a remote controlled, physical presence allowing active participation in the classroom, hallways and even at lunch and recess
  • Students receive the same instruction as their peers and move around between classrooms independently
  • “Hand-raising” functionality provides real-time interaction with the classroom
  • Schools can leverage their existing IT infrastructure and Wi-Fi
  • Economical alternative to tutors, specialized busing, teacher overtime for special preparations for absent students, and aids who may be required in class to aid with mobility and focus.

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How It Works

VGoʼs unique capability is its remote-controlled mobility combined with two-way video and audio communications.

The solution comprises two primary elements:

  • The VGo – The remote-controlled mobile device that represents the student or teacher in a distant location.
  • The VGo App – The software application runs on the studentʼs or teacherʼs computer and is used to initiate connectivity, see and hear what is happening at the other end, and drive the VGo.

VGo Telepresence Robot Product Details

Self-contained wireless audio-video appliance

Simple point and click user interface

Remote user-controlled mobility, volume, mute, camera lights, and hi-resolution snapshots

Auto docking for battery recharging

Strict privacy and connectivity controls

Comprehensive Web tools for managing your VGos and users

Multiple driving methods – choose the one you like most

Spoken visitor arrival announcements and text messaging

Sensors to assist driving, avoid obstacles and prevent falling down steps

Test Drive a VGo

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