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VGo Robot as a Service

Experience the Future of Telepresence with Flexible Lease Options
VGo Telepresence Robot

What is VGo Robot as a Service?

VGo Robot as a Service (RaaS) provides you with the same operational and technical features as a standard contract, and with a flexible option to arrange payment terms on a monthly lease basis. The VGo package includes the hardware, software and subscription needed to get your robot up and running.

The VGo seamlessly integrates into cloud computing environments to enable our team to operate and monitor the robot’s operations. Access is provided to the web management tool to manage the users in your organization, and software updates will be provided automatically as needed. Training to get your team started using VGo and unlimited help desk support both by phone and email is easily accessible with our technology experts.

Why Choose VGo RaaS?

VGo Robot as a Service (RaaS) provides customized lease options to get started quickly and easily. Vecna partners with many organizations that want to experience the VGo in their environment without an upfront expense and to ensure a fast return on investment. RaaS offers the convenience of implementing telepresence robotics and cloud-based software services without a long-term commitment to fast track your digital transformation roadmap.

  • Alleviate capital expenses with only operational budget
  • Faster budget approvals with less investment needed upfront
  • Flexible costs alleviate need for large budget to get started
  • Shortens cycle to realize return on investment
  • Allows for optimizing continuous growth depending on scale
  • Avoid risk of implementing automation with easy integration into any environment
  • Quick and easy setup and training – anyone, any age, anywhere can operate VGo
  • User-friendly controls and integrated audio/video for simple operation
  • Cloud-based operations alleviates need to purchase extra equipment onsite
  • Expert support team available for questions and troubleshooting

VGo RaaS is Versatile Across Industries

VGo for Healthcare:

  • Upon discharge from a hospital or care facility patients rely on the VGo Robot to enable them to safely return home with monitored care and to continue medical consultations with a virtual presence. Assistive technology offers a contactless means to stay connected during periods of high risk and pandemic outbreaks

VGo for Education

  • Short-term usage for children unable to attend school in person due to medical illness or being homebound. Students can utilize the telepresence robot to attend school in real-time for only the time needed due to health concerns.

VGo for Business

  • Increase collaboration in businesses including manufacturing or engineering during expansion or peak periods where team members need to collaborate on projects and manage remote teams. VGo’s automated telepresence technology provides concierge services and virtual registration to alleviate staffing challenges at conferences and events.

VGo for Museums

  • VGo is all you need to provide virtual experiences to your visitors. The user can see, hear, talk, interact, and move anywhere utilizing their 100% remote-controlled robot. This allows users to freely move between exhibit locations, at their own pace or alongside a tour guide. VGo Robot allows access to everyone – regardless of health status or location.

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