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VGo on Wake Up Northwest NBC

From NBC Right Now on April 27, 2022:

VGo Robot’s revolutionary technology enables hospitalized and homebound students to attend school

TRI-CITIES, Wash. – A revolutionary robot called “VGo” uses innovative technology to give kids with medical conditions the chance to attend school.

Hospitalized and homebound students can access VGo from anywhere to see, hear, and socialize through the device in real-time. The VGo experience is more than just sitting in the classroom; children can move and rotate the device to interact with others.

The Wishing Star Foundation is granting VGo to Wish Kids through the Rolling Stars Program.

Watch this video as Wishing Star Board President, John Henker, explains how VGo can help Wish Kids simulate the experience of being in the classroom.

Several monitors are available and ready for use in Tri-Cities schools. To apply for students to use VGo or learn more about the Rolling Stars program, visit the Wishing Star Foundation website VGo – Wishing Star Foundation.

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