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Biometrics-Enhanced Systems Help Doctors Provide Contactless Services Amid COVID-19

Vecna Technologies is joining COVID-19 containment efforts with its touchless mobile patient check-in software that protects healthcare workers and patients, the company announced.

Equipped with smartphone tools such as facial recognition and other biometrics, mobile wallet, and notifications, patients can use the system to pre-register, check-in for appointments, and fill out COVID-19-related screening questions remotely on a mobile device. This prevents staff from having direct contact with potential infected patients.

“We are pleased to answer market demand in providing an end to end patient self-check-in experience that helps minimize staff and patient contact during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond,” said Vecna Healthcare Founder and CEO Deborah Theobald, in a prepared statement. “We thank the front-line healthcare and emergency workers and are committed to supporting their safety through continued technology advancements.”

“The Vecna Mobile App puts patient check in safely in the palm of patient’s hands with the added benefit of integration into health system’s existing EMRs including Cerner, Meditech, Epic and Allscripts,” said Vecna Vice President of Sales and Marketing Doug Fallon, in the statement. “Patients can not only pre-register and check-in for appointments but also conveniently update personal information and insurance, make payments, and receive cost estimates for their care – all from the safety of their own home. This not only adds to patient peace of mind when seeking care but also eliminates time staff spends on patient intake allowing them to instead focus on critical patient care.”

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