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Amid Covid-19, a Mobile App Emerges for Remote Check-in And Payments at Clinics

Digital Transactions News COVID-19Posted on April 29, 2020 by John Stewart

Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been much talk about managing exposure in stores and other public places with technology such as contactless payments. But now a company has launched mobile technology to help protect patients as well as caregivers from infection at the doctor’s office.

The self-check-in app from Vecna Technologies, announced Wednesday, also allows patients to fill out Covid-19 questionnaires, pre-register, and make payments via a mobile wallet without visiting the waiting room. The app works with existing facial-recognition and other biometric tools users may have on their phones, the company says.

The new software also allows patients to update personal and insurance information and get cost estimates for proposed treatments. “This not only adds to patient peace of mind when seeking care but also eliminates time staff spends on patient intake allowing them to instead focus on critical patient care,” says Doug Fallon, vice president of sales and marketing at Burlington, Mass.-based Vecna, in a statement.

“Touchless Mobile Patient Check-in,” as the new software is called, is part of a platform the 21-year-old company offers that automates patient in-take functions at clinics and hospitals.

The coronavirus pandemic has created urgency in minimizing person-to-person contact, even in medical settings, Vecna says. That priority extends to caregivers as much as patients, according to the company. “We are pleased to answer market demand in providing an end-to-end patient self-check-in experience that helps minimize staff and patient contact during the Covid-19 crisis and beyond,” says Vecna co-founder and chief executive Deborah Theobald, in a statement. “We thank the front-line health-care and emergency workers and are committed to supporting their safety through continued technology advancements.”

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