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VGo Driving Tips

How to Drive VGo with Mouse or Touchpad


  • Move your mouse pointer over the video window
  • Click and hold, (your mouse pointer will automatically jump to the bottom-center).  Then drag the mouse pointer to where you want to go
  • Your speed and direction depend on the location of your mouse pointer (see diagram below)
  • To reverse, click and hold the down arrow (bottom center)
  • To tilt camera, use the scroll wheel  or click on the up / down half circles on the upper left

How to Drive VGo with Keyboard

Arrow keys – drive forward, back, pivot left, pivot right

Up arrow + spacebar – reduces speed from gear 5 to 3
Up arrow + T – increases speed to Turbo (if available)
Up arrow + 1,2,3, or 4 – reduces speed to that gear
A – tilt camera down
S – tilt camera up
C – toggle Camera sources
L – toggle Lights on / off
D – Dock the VGo (Dock button must be lit with Blue color)

Turbo Mode

Turbo mode increases your top speed by more than 50%.  Turbo mode is available on VGos shipped after Dec 1, 2015 or ealier models that have been upgraded.  Turbo mode must be set to ON in both the VGo and your VGo App.  (If you have your setting ON in your VGo App, and your gear indicators are 1 2 3 4 5 T R, then Turbo is available.  If your gear indicators are 1 2 3 4 5 R (there is no T), then Turbo is either not set to ON in that VGo or the model does not support it).

Turbo mode will engage automatically when you are driving straight and at top speed.  You will see the VGo accelerate and the Mouse pointer arrow will turn Red.  You can turn slightly, but if you turn sharply, turbo mode will disengage.


  • Using a mouse with a scroll wheel gives you the most control when driving.  You can tilt the camera while moving, turn at any angle and go any speed.  
  • Practice changing your speed and direction without letting off the mouse button (which brings the VGo to a full stop).  You will find that your control will be more precise and the VGo will move more smoothly since you don’t have to adjust for the small delay encountered with each new “click” of the mouse.  For example, when you want to slow down – drag your mouse pointer to the bottom center of the screen rather than just letting go of the mouse button.
  • When turning 90 degrees to go through a doorway, drive a few feet more after the edge of the doorway disappears from view and you’ll be lined up perfectly.

Test Drive a VGo