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VGo Assistive Telepresence Robot User Guides

Our User Guides

Below is a list of 4 downloadable VGo user guides. For adminstrators and managers, who manage a VGo Community inside an organization, you can access a VGoNet Manager Adminstrator’s Guide inside your site.

4-Step VGo Setup Guide

This four-step guide walks you through the steps for setting up your VGo for the first time.

VGo App Controls Guide

This abbreviated guide covers the functions within the VGo App for PC and Mac. It is for remote users/drivers.

VGo App User Guide v2.1

This complete guide covers the VGo App only. It is for Windows PC & Apple Mac remote users/drivers.

VGo Solution User Guide v3.0.0

This complete guide covers the VGo and the VGo App and includes setting up the VGo, creating communities, operating the VGo locally and everything about the VGo App.

Our Video Tutorials

Create a VGo Community

Add a VGo

VGo Add a User

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