Automated Manual Resuscitator Compressor
Ventiv has been developed through a consortium including MIT, 10XBeta and Vecna Technologies to help fill the gap in the availability of ventilators in the US during the COVID-19 emergency – at little cost to hospitals and health systems.
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Ventiv Helps Support Emergency Overflow

The Ventiv system used in conjunction with a manual resuscitator bag (not provided) is intended to provide controlled or assisted automated ventilation support to COVID-19 patients in an emergency when no other options are available for patient ventilation. Ventiv provides continuous positive pressure ventilation by automating the compression/ relaxation of manual bag resuscitators. The Ventiv program has been designed to provide hospitals and health systems a low to no cost automatic ventilator for emergency overflow. Vecna has applied to distribute Ventiv under the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization.


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Product Specifications

Power Source: 110/240 V, 12V battery, CliniPAK power management

Control: Set respirations/minute, pressure delivery, pediatric or adult, calibrate to multiple brands of manual ventilator bags, personalized per patient device

Safety: safety alarms for loss of pressure, disconnection, and mechanism malfunction. Easy release of bag for manual ventilation control.

Data & Analytics: Track use and events to patient record and aggregate clinical and performance data across units


For more information, please call this number: (508) 353-0280.

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