Be There Without Being There

Open a new world for an extended care audience through our b-there Network and Teletours program.  

What is the b-there Network?

The b-there Network is a consortium of attractions across the country and around the globe that has joined the virtual visit revolution. Through the VGo Telepresence Robot attractions extend the experience to those unable to attend in person. 

What is a Teletour?

 A Teletour is an experience that allows a visitor to use a VGo robot located at an attraction to enjoy all the wonders, education and fun of being there without being there.  

Pre-scheduled tours ensure ease of program management for your facility  

Minimal supervision needed  – connect to wi-fi and we do the rest

Expand your attraction’s exposure exponentially through the b-there Network

Our WeGo Partner

The b-there Network is partnering with the WeGo Foundation to bring Teletours to medically fragile children and elderly long-term care residents easily and from their own location. Teletours reduce isolation, loneliness, boredom and pain through experiences at worldwide attractions including museums, zoos and aquariums.  

Teletour Stories powered by the b-there Network

"The aquarium [teletour] program allows kids and their families at John Hopkins Children's Hospital to drive around a robot and experience the aquarium as though they are there."

“The robot, it disappears, it becomes them. When we’re looking at Patrice, we’re looking at the child, and we don’t make any distinction. This is really cool. It’s another way to go beyond the brick and mortar.”

Virtual Attractions Anytime Anywhere

  • Extend access to your attractions to users who are unable to attend in person through promotions to children’s hospitals and other care facilities
  • Automated scheduling for easy coordination – input your docent’s availability and tours will be booked
  • Minimal supervision needed for the program to run – connect to wi-fi and identify a docent, we do the rest
  • Zero hardware investment for your venue
  • Full press kit and cobranded marketing to promote your location and its community outreach efforts

Access for All Through Self-Guided Tours 

Children’s hospitals, assisted living, long term care facilities and other institutions can become a WeGo program member and access the b-there Network of attractions.  Members can choose the number of monthly visits through our Teletour packages available at any b-there Network attraction.

How It Works

VGoʼs unique capability is its remote-controlled mobility combined with two-way video and audio communications.

The solution comprises two primary elements:

  • The VGo – The remote-controlled mobile device that represents the the user at your museum/facility/etc.
  • The VGo App – The software application runs on the user’s computer and is used to initiate connectivity, see and hear what is happening at the other end, and drive the VGo.

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